Being a kid isn’t always easy. If you are physically “different” in some way, life can be very difficult. Some children have crooked teeth, an unattractive scar, or ears that stick out -- physical differences that can subject them to teasing.

Playground bullies and kids who think it’s fun to feel superior to others can be relentless with their teasing and name-calling. The child on the receiving end often suffers terribly.

How Does it Work?

Refer Children in our Community

Individuals and organizations donate funds to the Delaware Community Foundation, which provides financial management for the Kids with Confidence program.

Children who might qualify for help through the program are identified by hospitals, community pediatricians, family physicians, or dentists. These professionals complete a form which is submitted to Kids with Confidence.A local advisory board of health professionals and volunteers from the business community reviews the confidential submissions and makes recommendations.

Funds are then made available to the health care provider who will perform the procedure--for example, otoplasty to correct protruding ears or orthodontics for crooked teeth.

Who is Eligible?

What Can You do to Help?

Refer children in your community to Kids with Confidence for help.

Consider donating proceeds from your special event to help children in need of assistance from Kids with Confidence.

Make a personal contribution to Kids with Confidence through:

Delaware Community Foundation 302-571-8004 or